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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Any requests?

Anybody got any special requests for uploads? If I've got it I'll post it. Live shows, SOT comps, Smile mixes...anything as long as it hasn't already been commercially released. Just leave your requests in the comments.


Alex said...

OK, looks like a lot of the recent copyright extension releases (e.g. The Big Beat 1963, etc.) and stuff like the SMiLE sessions and Made In California box, plus Youtube, have made blogs like this one almost obsolete.

Michael Lee said...

I totally want to hear the orginal version of Alone of Christmas! That song has been bothering me since I heard it was originally recorded in the 70s. Thanks!

1me0 said...

Oh my! I've been itching like crazy lately for some new Beach Boys bootlegs, so I'm stoked to see this after many months of not looking at this blog! *Looks through your entire catalogue here* Hmmm... If you still have them, may you please reupload:
*any and all SMiLE mixes you've got
*the "Life of Brian" 5-disc documentary
*the "That Lucky Old Sun" show from 9-10-07
*"Bastard Pet Sounds"
*the Long Beach CA-12-3-71 show
*Brian Wilson 2005 SMiLE Webcast
*Darian Sahanaja's BB covers ("Do You Have Any Regrets?" and "I Wanna Pick You Up"

No worries if not, but if you could, I'd really appreciate it! C:

Alex said...

@Michael Lee Unfortunately, I don't have Alone on Christmas, I don't even know if that one circulates or not.

@1me0 Long Beach 1971 show is being uploaded as I type this.

Javier Torres said...

Hello! I'm looking for the UK version of the Summer in Paradise album as well as the "Andy Paley Sessions".

Alex said...

Sorry for taking so long to check on the blog, but yeah, I'll repost those ASAP.