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Friday, February 28, 2014

Some 80s Outtakes

Here's a Zip file with a bunch of BBs and BW solo outtakes from the mid to late 80s (with a little early 90s thrown in for good measure). A few gems, a few duds, warts and all. Enjoy!

The Zip file includes:
Heavenly Lovers
She Believes In Love Again (Alt. Version)
Turning Point
California Calling (Alt. Version)
Chasin' the Sky
East Meets West
Bells of Madness
Kokomo (Spanish Version)
Good Night Irene
Spirit of the Forest
Happy Endings
We Love You
This Could Be The Night
Living Doll
Make It Big (Movie Version)
The Spirit of Rock and Roll
Problem Child
Doin' Time On Planet Earth
Night Time (Track)
Love and Mercy (Track)
Make a Wish (Track)
Water Builds Up (Track)
At the Hop
Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel (Demo)
Rock and Roll to the Rescue
Turning Point BG Vocals
Crocodile Rock
Lady Liberty
Metal Beach
California Dreamin' (Early Version)