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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Idiotic YouTube comments on the Beach Boys!!

How 'bout some comedy? YouTube comments are always good for a chuckle. Enjoy!

The screen names have been deleted to protect the morons.

"This is better then Beach Boys One dyed tryyin to surf wene they sung about surfin retarded"

"f*** the beach boys you homosexuals f*** dont listen to this and complain i dont think anyone who covers a song thinks im better than the original they just do it and people who like theyre music will probably like it it aint so sum beach boys fans can ass lik each other coz they are clearly gay and want anal with each other whilst listening to the beach boys version. "

"mike love = gods gift to the beach boys. Had wilson kept his mouth shut & listened to mike, we might have avoided the whole Smile / Train wreck records that are nothing more than childrens nursery rhymes. Take the first 5 BB records and s*** can anything after without David Marks on it. Brian wilson and his brain dead fans should bow down to Mike love and apologize to the king......... "

"lol its the drummer, but the lead singer is a dumbshit. i love the other 4 specially brian of course. but the falsetto is kinda shitty"

"Too bad by the end of the 70s they all turned out to be a bunch of crazy stoned burned out bearded hippies."

"uhmmm dude...beach boys are in no league with gym class heroes..beach boys don't even have a league. so no man...just no..."

I'll dig up some more idiotic YouTube comments later...enjoy these for now!