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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darian Sahanaja doing a couple Brian covers!

Here's Darian Sahanaja's famed 1997 covers of Sweet Insanity's "Do You Have Any Regrets?" and Love You's "I Wanna Pick You Up." Enjoy!!!! Do You Have Any Regrets? Wanna Pick You Up Art


Anonymous said...

A fine post - but "I wanna pick you up" and the cover art files can not be found... Anyone else noticed this or is it just temporary (or just me?)
But thanks anyway - nice to have your blog back in action!

Alex said...

One of these days I'll repost the bad files. And one of these days I'll start posting stuff on a regular basis again...gotta get a new computer first. The only reason I haven't been posting a lot is because my laptop where I had all my BBs stuff died quite a long while back.

Anonymous said...

Link 2-

Link 3-

Enjoy :)