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Monday, November 17, 2008

Beachago Tour-Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Beach Boys section from a show on 1975's Beachago Tour.

Sloop John B
Do It Again
Help Me, Rhonda
In My Room
The Trader
Sail On Sailor
California Saga Part 3
Surfer Girl
Heroes and Villains
Backing Band Intros
Little Deuce Coupe
Catch a Wave
Wouldn't It Be Nice
I Get Around
Good Vibrations
You Are So Beautiful (w/Bobby Lamm of Chicago)
Barbara Ann
Surfin' USA
God Only Knows (w/Chicago)
Wishin' You Were Here (w/Chicago)
Darlin' (w/Chicago)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very very very much for this one.
I was searching this show for a long time.

Alex said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you I really appreciate this
it seems some of these shows are so hard to find, thanks again! Brian

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this rare Beachago show.Does anybody know if the Chicago set is available any where or was even recorded?

Alex said...

I have no idea if the Chicago set for this show exists. Most of the Beachago shows were professionally recorded for a live album that never came out. It was rumored that some of the tapes went missing, and that some of them may have even burned in the 1985 Caribou Ranch fire...but it's also been rumored that all the tapes have been found.

Juan Narvaez said...

Great to know someone was sharing this gem, could you reupload it, please?