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Sunday, October 12, 2008

REPOST-ascrodin's SMiLE '08

This is a re-up of the SMiLE mix I made about 9 months ago. I've been meaning to re-up this since the summer, but now is better than never.
NOTE: Sorry to upset the purists, but I added a lot of echo and delay effects to this mix, and some people may find them a little on the excessive side.

1. Intro
I. Our Prayer
II. It Was Brian In The Mic
III. Gee/H&V Chant

2. Heroes and Villains

3. The Barnyard Suite
I. I'm In Great Shape
II. Barnyard
III. The Old Master Painter
IV. You Were My Sunshine

4. Holidays
I. On A Holiday
II. Whispering Winds
III. Three Blind Mice

5. Do You Like Worms?
I. Tones
II. Roll Plymouth Rock
III. He Gives Speeches
IV. Mahalo Lu Le, Mahalo Lu La

6. Cabin Essence

7. My Little Red Book

8. With Me Tonight

9. Wonderful

10. Child Is The Father of the Man

11. Look

12. Good Vibrations

13. The Elements
I. Earth (Vega-Tables/Mama Says)
II. Air (Wind Chimes)
III. Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)
IV. Cool Down/Rebuilding (I Wanna Be Around/Workshop)
V. Water (Cool Cool Water/I Love To Say Da Da)

14. Surf's Up/Outro


Anonymous said...

I'm getting some double echo effect, but maybe it is my setup. Is there a non echo version?


Alex said...

The echo effect is not your setup. The echo was put there intentionally. I guess I like echo. Sorry, but I do not have a non-echo version. Sorry that you didn't like it that way. Take it or leave it, love it or hate is what it is.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand all this delay... it's tremendous. 200 mb of nothing, also on good vibrations
anyway thanks

Alex said...

I put the echo and delay effects into the SMiLE mix because I thought it sounded cool. Apparently, a lot of people don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I like this sort of mix - it sounds like it came right out of a madhouse and I LOVE THAT!

Just... one thing, if I may, Friend.

The echo/delay: I understand what you were going for, but if you reduced the delay rate it would've sounded much nicer with less conflict arising. A quick slapback delay would've sounded quite nice.

I might leave another comment when I finish listening. Still on H&V.

Alex said...

If I ever get around to doing another mix I might take the less echo advice into consideration. At the time when I was putting it together I really liked what I was hearing when I added the echo. Plus, I was kinda new at using the echo and delay effects in Audacity, and I was setting them to random numbers. But I do think this one is better than the first SMiLE mix I did back in '06/'07, which has so much reverb that it almost hurts my ears sometimes.

DonZabu said...

That was heinous.

I do hope you find the time to re-do it without the ridiculous echoes.

Alex said...

Heinous? Sexually abusing a child is heinous. Adding echo to a song is potentially unpleasant to some ears...but heinous it ain't!

Maybe next time I'll add white noise to "Do You Dig Worms?"!!!

Steve Worek said...

I have absolutely no idea why you thought this sounded good. You killed Brian's music.

Alex said...

I'm not a purist. I wasn't trying to make it sound like like "SMiLE in '66/'67". Forgive me if I like playing around with effects.

Anonymous said...

I really dig your mix! Really unusual and fun-paced. If you want to check out mine here it is:



-Shangai Joe

Landrew120880 said...

Wow, whatever happened to manners? You try and offer some BB music and they know it's a fan made set so I'm going to listen to this for myself now ... Ok, I've listened to it and the only difficulty i'm having is that the music/vocals are out of synch because of the echo. But if you like it like that, hey that's fine. Thanx 4 the listen.

Anonymous said...

The mix isn't "musical" at all but it sounds like you had fun doing it.

Thanks buckaroo.

Kurt Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

Alex, you are a MADMAN! This version sounds like melting lullabies. Being a Butthole Surfers fan, I absolutely appreciate your efforts. A lot of the fan mixes are really square. This one captures the madness. Thank you.

For those that are looking for additional far out SMiLE mixes, AlternateBrianWilson and DJ Mic Luv also have done excellent work.