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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Brian Wilson-That Lucky Old Sun-9-10-07-REUPLOAD!!

This is one of Brian's Lucky Old Sun shows from last September TEN YEARS AGO!! This was originally on Linear Zap's blog, but I've split it up into several tracks.
More info here.

Hopefully Brian and his band will record a studio version of this soon. The album was released about a year after this show, and it was great!

Note this is only the Lucky Old Sun section of the show, I have no idea if the entire show exists online or not.

Reuploaded 9-6-17
Get it here:


warnakey said...

According to wikipedia its going to be postponed for an unknown amount of time.

For some reason I'm not very impressed by TLOS. I think Brian's new band isn't nearly as good as the old Beach Boys. They sound like a show tune group to me.

Alex said...

Well, to each their own. I personally love it. Not counting SMiLE, its probably the best stuff he done since Love You, or maybe even Mt. Vernon and Fairway. I like his current band. No, they don't have that irreplaceable vocal blend, but they sound a hell of a lot better than the Mike and Bruce Endless Summer Paradise at Kokomo Oldies Revue, and a lot better than what the now-65ish year old Beach Boys with cracked aged voices would sound like if they got back together. They pulled of the FULL arrangements of Pet Sounds and Smile LIVE!!
If that's not a good enough argument for liking Brian's band, then I've got 2 words: TAYLOR MILLS. She's reason enough for me to like them.

But, as well as they can pull off the harmonies, there's no other Wilson brothers in there but Brian to get that classic Beach Boys vocal sound.

Jim said...

I can't wait for this album- it's been way too long since "Gettin' In Over My Head" and the Christmas album. Obviously, Brian wrote many of my favorite Beach Boys songs. But, I've also loved his solo work, especially because it's still hard to believe that he can produce such great music and after all of this time.

I hope the album does well and that Brian will continue to record some more!


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