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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Summer In Paradise-REUPLOAD!!!!

Originally posted in 2008, reposted in 2017 (Has it really been almost ten years??!!!!!!!!!!) at the request of commenter Javier Torres.

It's one of the few Beach Boys albums that's been long out of print, and needs to stay that way, but unfortunately keeps popping up every now and then to haunt Beach Boys fans. This is one of those times.

You probably won't enjoy this album, but who am I to assume such things?

EDIT 9/5/17: This is indeed the UK version, as Roger McGuinn is featured on the title track.


Hot Fun In The Summertime
Summer of Love
Island Fever
Still Surfin'
Slow Summer Dancing (One Summer Night)
Remember (Walking In The Sand)
Lahaina Aloha (featuring Van Dyke Parks on accordion)
Under the Boardwalk
Summer in Paradise (featuring Roger McGuinn on guitar and bridge lead vocal)
Forever (lead vocal by John "Uncle Jesse" Stamos)

Get it here:

To add further insult to injury, here are some music videos from the era:

Cringe away!!!

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