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Monday, February 25, 2008

Purple Chick SMiLE

This is a repost. I'm putting it up because my original Mediafire link got deleted a while back, and because its one of the best SMiLE mixes out there.

It's here:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Smiling Pets!

This has become my new favorite Beach Boys tribute album. Its a Japanese-only release which features nothing but indie artists. Before I heard this the only artists on it that I'd heard of before are Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, musician and producer Jim O'Rourke (who was a member of Sonic Youth for the first half of this decade, and produced Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), and The Olivia Tremor Control, whom I believe are on the Elephant 6 label. This one is definitely worth the listen.


Adventures in Stereo-Wonderful
Secret Chiefs-Good Vibrations
Melt Banana-You're Welcome
Short Hair Front-I'm Waiting For The Day
Olivia Tremor Control-Do You Like Worms
Jim O'Rourke-Fall Breaks and Back To Winter
Sports Guitar-Wonderful
Thurston Moore-Here Today
Unknown-Tea Break
Forms-Heroes and Villains
Harpy-Cool Cool Water
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her-You Still Believe In Me
The Ships-Little Pad
David Grubbs-Wind Chimes
Feelds-I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
John McEntire-Let's Go Away For A While
Dm3-Caroline, No

Catch it at this place:

You better enjoy this one!!!!

Cover Songs!!!!

This is a collection of Beach Boy covers that I've pulled off of my hard drive. There's about an album's worth of songs in here.
The Apples In Stereo-Heroes and Villains
Athlete-God Only Knows
The Future Explorers of Outer Space-Do You Like Worms?
The Mockers-God Only Knows
American Spring-Had To Phone Ya
Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches featuring Ben Kweller-Kokomo
Architecture In Helsinki-Pet Sounds
Centro-Matic-Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
Claudia Longet-God Only Knows
Fleetwood Mac-Farmer's Daughter
Fuzzy-Girl Don't Tell Me
Ben Kweller-God Only Knows
Jody Wildgoose-Here Today
Matthew Sweet-A Day In The Life Of A Tree
Nazareth-Wild Honey
The Wedding Present-Caroline, No
Wilco-Love and Mercy

Grab it:

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to add one.
Sonic Youth-I Know There's An Answer

EDIT: Here's another one.
Math and Physics Club-You're So Good to Me

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nassau Coliseum 1974

Here's a soundboard recording of a BB show from 1974 at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York. Blondie Chaplin had left the group by this time, but Ricky Fataar was still with them.
This is a pretty good show. They were still playing songs from Surf's Up, So Tough, and Holland at this time. Little Deuce Coupe and Barbara Ann have unfortunately peeked their ugly heads back into the setlist.

Check it out, dudes (and dudettes):
Disc 1:
Disc 2:

Don't forget to check out Lightman's Beach Boys and Beatles

Disc 1:
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Sail On Sailor
Funky Pretty
California Saga Part 3
We Got Love
Little Deuce Coupe
The Trader
All This Is That
Feel Flows
Surfer Girl
God Only Knows
Heroes and Villains

Disc 2:
Don't Worry Baby
Sloop John B
Help Me Rhonda
I Get Around
Good Vibrations
California Girls
Barbara Ann
Surfin' USA

Sacramento 1964

This is a clear-sounding live show in Sacramento in 1964. Some of these songs ended up on The Beach Boys Concert!
Get it here:

The highlight of the show is Dennis singing "The Wanderer".
1. Long Tall Texan
2. In My Room
3. Graduation Day
4. Hawaii
5. The Wanderer
6. Fun Fun Fun
7. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
8. Let's Go Trippin'
9. Surfer Girl
10. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
11. I Get Around
12. Johnny B. Goode
13. Little Deuce Coupe
14. Monster Mash
15. Don't Worry Baby
16. Louie Louie
17. Surfin' USA

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Live in Hartford, CT

This is a live BB show from 1973. It's pretty good. They play "River Song" in this one with Blondie Chaplin on lead vocals.
disc 1-
disc 2-
Hope you like it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Live at the Big Sur Folk Festival Monterrey, California March 3, 1970

This is a combination of soundboard recordings and audience recordings to make up a the complete set the Beach Boys the Big Sur folk festival in 1970. The audience tapes are super muddy, but the soundboard recordings are crystal clear.
Get it here:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Live In Seattle 22 March 1970

Hey everyone, its time for some new stuff. This is a muddy soundboard recording from a Seattle show in 1970. By muddy, I mean REALLY muddy. What's special about this one is that it was one of a series of concerts when Mike Love was temporarily committed to a mental hospital, and taking his place at the concerts was none other than BRIAN WILSON!!!!!! You can hardly make out Brian's voice in this show, but he's there. Carl and Al handle Mike's leads for this show.
Get it here:

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Cocaine Sessions/Hamburger Tapes

For those of you not familiar with this boot, it is a recording of Brian and Dennis circa 1981, both coked up, badly playing some songs they wrote at a piano, also includes an interview with Brian conducted by Les Chan. The song "City Blues" would be released on Brian's 2004 album Gettin' In Over My Head, and "Oh Lord" was demo'd for The Beach Boys '85 but never made the final cut.
Get it here:

Mike Quigley Interview

Here are recordings of an interview with Al, Bruce, Carl, and Mike conducted by Mike Quigley in 1969. Not really the most revealing, but still great for a die hard fan who can't get enough Beach Boys stuff.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brian Wilson Sweet Insanity

Here's Brian Wilson's unreleased 1990 solo album Sweet Insanity, in all its cheezy, overproduced, synth-dominated glory.

Get it here:

Have a happy day!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

DJ Mic Luv's SMiLE

This is one of my favorite SMiLE mixes. Hope you like it too!
Get it here:


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SMiLE Artwork!

This is seriously cool. Frank Holmes, who did the cover and booklet art for the original 1966-67 SMiLE has reproductions of the SMiLE cover and the booklet illustrations for sale at his website.

From Holmes' site:

"Lithographic Print of the SMiLE front cover. The lithograph has been reproduced directly from the artist's master onto gloss cover stock at the original 14"x16" size, complete with crop marks and record company margin comments."

Unsurpassed Masters Volume 10!

Ready for a Beach Boys Party!? Sorry, but I can't take anyone to one of those, but I can whip up some outtakes from the album, "The Beach Boys Party!", not quite as good as an actual party put on by the Beach Boys, but is still quite good. This is UM 10, the alternate Party! album.
I want to give a huge thank you to Lightman over at for putting these up on his forum. Which, by the way, if you haven't visited yet, is absolutely phenomenal if you are a Beach Boys or Beatles fan.

If this gets deleted from Rapidshare, I'll re-up it on mass mirror.

Get it here:

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I don't know if any of you fine blog readers are fans of American Football, but right now I'm pretty psyched because the New York Giants have won the Super Bowl! This is the first championship they've won since 1991! Congrats to the Giants, and to everyone reading this, more Beach Boys stuff coming this week!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Cool Band Alert: Barenaked Ladies

Hey folks, this is the 2nd installment of a sporadic series of posts I like to call the "Cool Band Alert". This one is about one of my all time favorite bands (aside from the Beach Boys), Barenaked Ladies. Fronted by singer-guitarists Steven Page and Ed Robertson, and filled out by bassist-singer Jim Creeggan, singer-multi-instrumentalist Kevin Hearn, and drummer Tyler Stewart, this band from Toronto has recorded and released some of the best rock and pop music of the past 15+ years. Singer-keyboardist-percussionist Andy Creeggan, younger brother of bassist Jim Creeggan, played on the Ladies' first 2 albums. Their influences are wide-ranging, with each member of the group bringing in their own tastes and styles. SOme of their major influences include The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Smiths, They Might Be Giants, The B-52's, The Rheostatics, Rush, Johnny Cash, The Violent Femmes, Talking Heads, The Proclaimers, Yes, Duran Duran, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, R.E.M., Simon and Garfunkel...the list goes on.

Check out BnL's official website at

I'm starting a blog solely focused on Barenaked Ladies, similar to this one:

More info here:
Buck Naked-demo tape from 1989-out of print-Was only on cassette and only available at live shows.-mp3s of it circulate on the internet.
Barenaked Lunch-5 song EP from 1990-out of print-Was only on cassette in Canada.-mp3's circulate on the net.
The Yellow Tape-5 song EP from 1991-out of print-The Yellow Tape was the first ever indie release to go platinum in Canada, it was never officially released in the US, but was issued on CD and vinyl in Britain. Was only available on cassette in Canada.-mp3s of this circulate on the net.
Maybe You Should Drive-1994
Born On A Pirate Ship-1996
Rock Spectacle-1996
Maroon-2001-produced by Don Was-Brian Wilson himself visited the Ladies when they were recording in LA to tell them he was covering their song "Brian Wilson" on Live at the Roxy.
Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits-2001
Everything to Everyone-2003
Extended Versions-2005
Barenaked Ladies Are Me-2006
Live at the Glenn Gould Theater-2006
Barenaked Ladies Are Men-2007
Talk To The Hand: Live In Michigan-2007

Here are some highlights from various BnL albums:
Brian Wilson-live performance from 1993 with Mama Says from Wild Honey/SMiLE as an intro
Lilac Girl from Buck Naked
The Trouble With Tracy from Barenaked Lunch
Be My Yoko Ono from The Yellow Tape
New Kid (On The Block) from Gordon
Jane from Maybe You Should Drive
In The Drink from Born On A Pirate Ship
I live With It Everyday from Born On A Pirate Ship
Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank from Rock Spectacle
In The Car from Stunt
Go Home from Maroon
Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel from Maroon-they were recording this song when Brian Wilson visited them in the studio
Unfinished from Everything to Everyone
Testing 1,2,3 from Everything to Everyone
Aluminum from Everything to Everyone
Bank Job from Barenaked Ladies Are Me
Maybe You're Right from Barenaked Ladies Are Me
Fun and Games from Barenaked Ladies Are Men
Beautiful from Barenaked Ladies Are Men
The New Sad from Barenaked Ladies Are Men