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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live at Michigan State 1966

A couple months ago I edited together several of the musical tracks with the talking between the songs from the Michigan State concerts on The Live Box and made my own "live album". What I basically did was took the second Michigan concert, severely cut back the talking parts (Mike Love is not as funny as he would like to think), then edited the leftover talking parts onto the ends of the musical tracks, I cut off the false start on You're So Good To Me, and I added in Wouldn't It Be Nice from the first Michigan concert (wasn't performed at the 2nd one), and whala! The Beach Boys Live at Michigan State 1966.
Get it here:
Hope you enjoy it!
Coming soon: bonus tracks and a mono mix of my new SMiLE mix.

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Kevan Anderson said...

Wow! Thanx so much. My favorite Beach Boys era!

Alex said...

No problem at all. Glad to see there's other people out there who like the Beach Boys as much as I do.