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Sunday, January 27, 2008

...and finally! (my new SMiLE mix)

Here's some rather minor news compared to POB being reissued, but still relevant to this blog. My new SMiLE mix is up! Get it here:

More to come-Bonus tracks and a mono mix!
Enjoy this!


triff said...

Well done, Alex !

Alex said...

thank you

Argantonio said...

Dear Ascrodin,
THANKS, above all for that NEW and unbelievable SMiLE mix.
I think it would be one of the best mixes ever if it was not for the fact of that strange and annoying ECHO during almost the whole recording.
It makes the whole thing unaudible.
Without that, It is simply brilliant!!!!!!!
Buit there is still that "but"

The liner notes and lyrics are super.

I bought every BBOYS album a long time ago. And Brian's SMILE.
I saw himm in concert in london, in september. That Lucky Old Sun is comparablo to SMiLE in many aspects.

In summary... PLEASE! what is that echo???? :(

AGAIN, thanks for your mix.

Antonio J

Alex said...

Thanks for the compliments; although Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks should be the ones getting the thanks for writing all those songs which made my mix possible.

I took quite a few liberties when doing this SMiLE mix. The echos were intentional. For the most part I used an echo effect in either the left or right channel and a delay effect in the other channel. On a couple of songs I didn't do that, but instead put the mono song in one track in Audacity (the audio program I used), then copied and pasted the song into another track but made it slightly out of sync with the first track, then panned one track all the way to the left and the other track all the way to the right.
Sorry you didn't like it that way. I only did it because I didn't want the mix to skip between mono and stereo; it provided (at least in my own crazy mind) a kind of unity between all the songs. I know the echo made a few songs sound different, especially Holidays and CIFOTM; I intentionally wanted it to sound "different". Guess I can't please everyone.

Alex said...

PS. I'm super jealous that you got to see Brian live.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance to get you SMiLE without effect??.... :(
I have been experimenting with making tracks slightly out of sync with the another track. Your effect was excessive, seriously.
It must be done veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slightly.

PS: Super jealous that I got to see Brian live? I am missing Bruce and Mike :(, soon, in London, Brighton...

Alex said...
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Alex said...

I guess I like my effects a little on the excessive side...To get my SMiLE mix without the effects I would have to start all over from scratch, and I just don't have that kind of time right now. I do have a mono mix of my SMiLE that I still haven't uploaded.

I sorry that you didn't like it. But it is free, though...

Anonymous said...

The link doesnt seem to work, i would love to hear this mix. Please re up.. excessive effects and all. Thanks in advance!

Alex said...

One of these days I'm going to get around to re-upping this. Patience!

annmargretfan said...

I am waiting for this one too. All effects included :-)

a-g said...

I'm in for the same requesr as well. Thanks very much in advance!