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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dennis Wilson-Bambu

Hello again. Looks like those a-holes over at Mediafire have taken down Adult Child and the Smiley Smile Sessions (UM 18). I'll have to reupload those. In the meantime, here's Dennis Wilson's unreleased 2nd album Bambu. I prefer Pacific Ocean Blue to this, but I felt like posting Bambu just because it's more "rare-er"(lol) than POB (yes, grammar police, I said "more rare-er").

Get it here:


warnakey said...

Hey there!

I agree Mediafire is completely lame.

Thanks for uploading this! I deleted mine (thinking that mediafire would store it for me, HA!) thanks a bunch!

p.s. i would suggest

it hosts files to 5 sites instead of one, so even if one or two get taken down, you'll still have backups.

For now its working wonders.

Alex said...

Thanks, I might try that massmirror site for my next post. Mediafire deleted a couple of my things too. I thought it was just because they were downloaded too many times. I'll check out mass mirror, though. Thanks for letting me know about it.