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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cool Band Alert!

No, its not the Beach Boys (even though the Beach Boys are pretty cool). If you like the Beach Boys there may be a slight chance you'd like these guys. I'm talking about a band called Camera Obscura. They are a Scottish indie pop band, from Glasgow I believe. I just discovered them very recently. They are grrrrreat. The lead singer, Tracyanne Campbell, has a beautiful voice, and is not that bad lookin', either. Some of their songs sound like they could come straight off of Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!!).

EDIT: I was wrong on the Summer Days comparison. Camera Obscura's songs are a little too sad for Summer Days. They are more like Pet Sounds meets Belle and Sebastian meets a female Morrissey.

Here's a couple of songs by them that I like:

Camera Obscura-If Looks Could Kill

Camera Obscura-Books Written For Girls

And lastly, here's a video for their song "Let's Get Out of This Country":

Hope you like this band as much as I do.
More Beach Boys stuff coming up within the next couple of days. I'm going home from college for winter break and will have very limited or most likely absolutely no access to the internet. That means this blog is going to be dormant for about 6 weeks starting this weekend. Don't worry, though. I'll be back in late January with more Beach Boys goodies. Warnakey, Triffids, Linear-Zap, Dutch Beach Boys, and Lightman will probably keep you guys plenty of company during my absence. Well, anyway, I hope you like Camera Obscura.

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