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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Smiley Smile Sessions

EDIT: I've decided I'm not going to re-upload this one unless I get a lot of requests for it. Sorry, but I've re-upped this a couple of times already, but it keeps getting taken down. I really don't have the patience to keep re-uploading stuff from older posts. I am going to focus more on new posts. I repeat, I am only going to re-up this if there is popular demand.

Howdy folks,
We all know that every die hard Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fan wants to get their hands on as much of the original SMiLE sessions that they are able to grab, but what about SMiLE's often overlooked sibling, Smiley Smile? Do Beach Boys fans ever clamor to hear the Smiley Smile sessions? If there is anyone who ever did want to hear them, this is the perfect opportunity. Presented in STEREO, these are the Smiley Smile Sessions, not nearly as glorious as Pet Sounds or SMiLE, but still quite interesting on its own merits:

EDIT: 11/27/07 1:00 PM EST To answer a person who left a comment on this post a while back, this is indeed Unsurpassed Masters Volume 18.
Some bad news, those bastards at Mediafire have deleted the Smiley Smile sessions AGAIN!!! Give me a couple of days and I will reupload it to a new site. I think I'm going to follow in Warnakey's footsteps and use Divshare. Thanks for the patience. Have a wonderful day.

EDIT: 11/17/07 5:12 PM EST-the Smiley Smile Sessions have been reuploaded!!! Get them here:
I will re-upload this to a new server soon.

EDIT: 11/17/07 4:50 PM EST-Good news, everybody! I'm reuploading the Smiley Smile Sessions right now!

EDIT: 11/12/07 9:30 PM EST For some reason, this isn't on mediafire anymore. I'll reupload this and post up the new link sometime tonight or tomorrow. Thanks.


triff said...

Is this UM vol. 18 ?

Alex said...

It could very well be, I'm not really up on my UM's or SOT's. I just remember downloading this last spring from a link posted on the message board of the now-dead SilverPhial blog. Thought it would be a cool download. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

helpourchild said...

Any news on where to get hold of this one?

Alex said...

I'm going to reupload it. I apologize for procrastinating. I've just been kinda busy lately.


tamvisher said...

come on, man!

Alex said...

Right now I'm only able to get online intermittently, plus my laptop where I have all my stuff is STILL dead (needs a new motherboard), so it might be a while before I'm able to upload anything. But I'm able to, I will try to remember to re-up this.