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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My SMiLE Mix

This is a SMiLE mix I made about a year ago. It's not the greatest sounding one in the world, for example, in some places it skips between mono and stereo, and I think I added too much reverb to a lot of the songs. But it is pretty comprehensive, incorporating almost every major song recorded during the SMiLE sessions. Some highlights include 10 minute versions of "Heroes and Villains" and "Vega-Tables".
A question to ponder: Has anyone ever noticed how "All Day" and "Aren't You Glad" from Wild Honey sound almost alike?

Get it here:
Part 1-
Part 2-


1-Our Prayer -20/20 Version
2-Heroes and Villains -my own edit
3-I'm In Great Shape -my own edit
4-He Gives Speeches -I tried making a "fake" stereo mix
5-Do You Like Worms? -Anne Wallace Mix
6-Barnyard -my own edit
7-Prelude To Fade-Tones-Bag Of Tricks -a medley I edited together myself
8-The Old Master Painter-You Are My Sunshine
9-Cabin Essence -20/20 Version
10-Wonderful-Look -medley-my own edit
11-With Me Tonight- my own edit
12-Child Is The Father Of The Man -my own edit
13-All Day-Little Red Book -medley-my own edit
14-Good Vibrations -my own edit
15-Vega-Tables -my own edit
16-Holidays-Whispering Winds -medley-my edit
17-Wind Chimes -my own edit
18-Mrs. O'Leary's Cow -I tacked an alternate version of the intro to the beginning
19-I Wanna Be Around-Friday Night
20-Water Chant-I Love To Say Da Da
21-Surf's Up -Album version
22-Indian Wisdom-You're Welcome -medley-my edit


warnakey said...

Hey Alex!

I'm just listening to your mix for the first time.

I was going to mention the reverb issue, but you already addressed it, but in truth, you get used to it and it ends up being a very unique effect.

Anyway! It is definitely a creative mix and your edits are the most enjoyable things on it. It was very enjoyable to listen to.

But I think the real hidden gem of your mix is the artwork! 2700x2700 pixels! I've never been able to look at the artwork in that quality and detail! How on Earth were you able to do that?

Great work!

- eric

Alex said...

Concerning the artwork, all I did was download it from another site. I found it on one of the legions of SMiLE websites out there about 9-10 months ago. I can't even remember what site it was from, but I jumped on the opportunity and downloaded both covers. I am still amazed at how good the quality of the album covers are. Someone must've had a really good scanner. You should be thanking whoever was able to get such a good image of the SMiLE artwork.

And concerning the music, it was mostly just clips from Project SMiLE that I threw together while putting off writing papers for college classes. I only added the reverb because at the time I thought some of the tracks sounded kind of muddy, the mono mixes especially, and I wanted to try to make them sound "better". The reverb kinda bugs me now when I listen to it; it sounds way too "tinny," sometimes leaves a ringing in my ears when I listen with headphones. I left Our Prayer, Cabin Essence, and Surf's Up alone because they were already in good sounding stereo. I preferred my own mix to every other version of SMiLE I'd heard up to that point in time, until I heard Purple Chick's. The Purple Chick version is now the only SMiLE mix I listen to anymore.

I might eventually do another SMiLE mix. I want to incorporate the humor tapes, psychedelic sounds reel, vegetable arguments, weird outtakes (eg. George Fell Into His French Horn), and studio chatter (eg. Mike's "dildo and vibrator" comment, maybe some audio of Brian instructing the musicians or the boys); just throwing in a couple of lines of talking here and there, between verses, during instrumental breaks, etc. I want to somehow find a way to fit Brian's smog monologue into SMiLE. Might as well be a 2 disc thing. It sounds pretty ambitious, I may work on it off and on when I actually have free time (maybe on my college breaks). Still not sure whether I'm going to do it or not. Hope your doc's coming along well. Good luck with it.

Fatzers said...

Thank you for this, I'm looking forward to any other SMiLE mix you decide to make :)

Alex said...

I made another SMiLE mix a little more recently, and I think its better than the first one I did. Its right here: