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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More stuff coming soon!

Don't worry folks, I'll have some more Beach Boys stuff up here soon. Just give me a couple of days and I'll have some more goodies for "y'all" ("y'all" is part of the dialect used in the southeastern United States, roughly translated into standard English, it means, "you all" :)).

I think I'm going to go to the beach and go surfing after I finish this post...wait, I'm in the northeast US, there's no ocean, its 40 degrees (F) outside, and the lake near me doesn't get waves that are big enough for surfing.

More music coming sometime this week!

PS, and if you're bored, check out the message board (that "bored..board" thing was unintentional)

Monday, November 19, 2007

No More Posts This Week

Hello again folks, starting either tomorrow or Wednesday I will be leaving college to go back home for Thanksgiving break (gorging myself with turkey in remembrance of the slaughter and exploitation of Native Americans by conservative white religious zealots who got kicked out of England), and will not have access to the internet, therefore, no more new posts after tomorrow or Wednesday. Don't worry, I will be back next Sunday or Monday with some more Beach Boys stuff. I may make a 60s rarities "mix" and one with stuff from the 80s/90s/00s pretty much in the same vein as the 70s rarities "mix". I'll think of something to put up here as one last post before Thanksgiving and after having a hopefully pleasant holiday, will be back with more stuff next week.

See ya folks later.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Adult Child

Hey everybody,
I got a new post up in here. Its none other than Brian Wilson's unreleased follow-up to "Love You", "Adult Child". Personally, I like this one better than "Love You", if only because the lyrics are not so child-like and demented. The only weak tracks here are "Hey Little Tomboy" and "On Broadway". This was recorded in 1977-78 after "Love You" was finished but before it got released. This album was rejected by Warner Brothers, but I wish it would've been released in '78 instead of the MIU Album. "H.E.L.P. Is On The Way", "It's Over Now", "Games Two Can Play", and "Still I Dream of It" were eventually released on the 1993 Good Vibrations Box Set, "Hey Little Tomboy" was recycled for the MIU Album, and "Shortenin' Bread" came out on 1979's L.A. (Light Album).

EDIT: 12/10/07 12:35 AM-Adult Child has been reuploaded!

The Beach Boys-Adult Child:

1-Life Is For The Living
2-Hey Little Tomboy
3-Deep Purple
4-H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
5-It's Over Now
6-Everybody Wants To Live
7-Shortenin' Bread
9-On Broadway
10-Games Two Can Play
11-It's Trying To Say (Baseball)
12-Still I Dream Of It

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My SMiLE Mix

This is a SMiLE mix I made about a year ago. It's not the greatest sounding one in the world, for example, in some places it skips between mono and stereo, and I think I added too much reverb to a lot of the songs. But it is pretty comprehensive, incorporating almost every major song recorded during the SMiLE sessions. Some highlights include 10 minute versions of "Heroes and Villains" and "Vega-Tables".
A question to ponder: Has anyone ever noticed how "All Day" and "Aren't You Glad" from Wild Honey sound almost alike?

Get it here:
Part 1-
Part 2-


1-Our Prayer -20/20 Version
2-Heroes and Villains -my own edit
3-I'm In Great Shape -my own edit
4-He Gives Speeches -I tried making a "fake" stereo mix
5-Do You Like Worms? -Anne Wallace Mix
6-Barnyard -my own edit
7-Prelude To Fade-Tones-Bag Of Tricks -a medley I edited together myself
8-The Old Master Painter-You Are My Sunshine
9-Cabin Essence -20/20 Version
10-Wonderful-Look -medley-my own edit
11-With Me Tonight- my own edit
12-Child Is The Father Of The Man -my own edit
13-All Day-Little Red Book -medley-my own edit
14-Good Vibrations -my own edit
15-Vega-Tables -my own edit
16-Holidays-Whispering Winds -medley-my edit
17-Wind Chimes -my own edit
18-Mrs. O'Leary's Cow -I tacked an alternate version of the intro to the beginning
19-I Wanna Be Around-Friday Night
20-Water Chant-I Love To Say Da Da
21-Surf's Up -Album version
22-Indian Wisdom-You're Welcome -medley-my edit

Friday, November 9, 2007

Message board

I just created a message board to go along with the site. It is in no way intended to compete with or BBB, just a place for BB fans to get together and, post about stuff. Unlike SmileySmile, you're allowed to talk about bootlegs here. My only rules are:

1. Don't "hate on" other board members. We can all have intelligent discussions without resorting to name calling.

2. No racism, sexism, or any other "idiotness" of that sort. Non-hateful idiot-ness is OK, though.

3. Enjoy the board!!!!

You can even post without having to register. I might switch to a different board (probably EZboard) if this one has any kinks in it.

The board:

Happy Posting!!!

Some Rarities from the 70s

Alrighty then, folks,

I've decided to gather up as many good 70s Beach Boys outtakes that could fit into a zip file without being too big for the file site. I've taken stuff from Landlocked, Adult Child, Get The Boot, Outtakes from Triffids Blog,and a couple live songs from the Big Sur Folk Festival. Hopefully you guys'll like it. I LOVE it.

EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot, the "album" cover. Just a little something I made when I was bored a couple of weeks ago.

Get it here:

Tracklisting (in no particular order):

Deep Purple
H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
Aren't You Glad (Live)
Games Two Can Play
Cotton Fields (Single Version)
Long Promised Road (Live)
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Live)
Register To Vote Promo (CATP/Holland-era)
Sea Cruise
Micheal Row Your Boat Ashore
Honkin' Down The Highway (Early Version)
Mony, Mony
Soulful Old Man Sunshine
Short Skirts
Come Go With Me (Early Version)
4th Of July
Carl's Song
Carl Wilson Interview-15 Big Ones/Rock and Roll Music
Big Sur (Early Version)
California Feelin' (Rocky Pamplin Lead Vox)
I Just Got My Pay
Lady (Fallin' In Love)
Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' In An Aeroplane)
Carl and the Passions Radio Promo
Sound of Free
Sherry She Needs Me

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Smiley Smile Sessions

EDIT: I've decided I'm not going to re-upload this one unless I get a lot of requests for it. Sorry, but I've re-upped this a couple of times already, but it keeps getting taken down. I really don't have the patience to keep re-uploading stuff from older posts. I am going to focus more on new posts. I repeat, I am only going to re-up this if there is popular demand.

Howdy folks,
We all know that every die hard Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fan wants to get their hands on as much of the original SMiLE sessions that they are able to grab, but what about SMiLE's often overlooked sibling, Smiley Smile? Do Beach Boys fans ever clamor to hear the Smiley Smile sessions? If there is anyone who ever did want to hear them, this is the perfect opportunity. Presented in STEREO, these are the Smiley Smile Sessions, not nearly as glorious as Pet Sounds or SMiLE, but still quite interesting on its own merits:

EDIT: 11/27/07 1:00 PM EST To answer a person who left a comment on this post a while back, this is indeed Unsurpassed Masters Volume 18.
Some bad news, those bastards at Mediafire have deleted the Smiley Smile sessions AGAIN!!! Give me a couple of days and I will reupload it to a new site. I think I'm going to follow in Warnakey's footsteps and use Divshare. Thanks for the patience. Have a wonderful day.

EDIT: 11/17/07 5:12 PM EST-the Smiley Smile Sessions have been reuploaded!!! Get them here:
I will re-upload this to a new server soon.

EDIT: 11/17/07 4:50 PM EST-Good news, everybody! I'm reuploading the Smiley Smile Sessions right now!

EDIT: 11/12/07 9:30 PM EST For some reason, this isn't on mediafire anymore. I'll reupload this and post up the new link sometime tonight or tomorrow. Thanks.