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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Purple Chick SMiLE

Alrighty then, folks, I've decided to put up Purple Chick's SMiLE as the first ever download from this blog. Seems appropriate since this blog is named after a SMiLE track. Now this is no ordinary SMiLE comp. This is the original Beach Boys 66/67 recordings edited together and sequenced to sound like Brian Wilson's 2004 SMiLE. In fact, some of the gaps left over after all the Beach Boys recordings were edited together and filled in with short little sections from Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE. All the songs are presented in fabulous stereo.

For more info check out this article from Ear Candy Magazine:
Unfortunately, I don't have the "bonus tracks", but the rest of this great SMiLE mix is available for all you fine Beach Boys fans.

Get your copy of Purple Chick's SMiLE here:

Hope you like it!!!

1-Our Prayer (Brian Wilson)
Gee (William Davis/Morris Levy)
Heroes and Villains Chant (Brian Wilson)
2-Heroes and Villains (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
3-Roll Plymouth Rock/Do You Like Worms? (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
4-Barnyard (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
5-The Old Master Painter (Haven Gillespie/Beasley Smith)
You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis)
6-Cabin Essence (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
7-Wonderful (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
8-Song For Children/Look/I Ran (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
9-Child Is The Father Of The Man (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
10-Surf's Up (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
11-I'm In Great Shape (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
I Wanna Be Around (Sadie Vimmerstedt/Johnnie Mercer)
Workshop (Brian Wilson)
12-Vega-Tables (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
13-On A Holiday/Holidays (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
14-Wind Chimes (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
15-Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (Brian Wilson)
16-In Blue Hawaii/I Love To Say Da Da (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
17-Good Vibrations (Brian Wilson/Tony Asher/Mike Love/Van Dyke Parks)


triff said...

Looking forward to your other BB stuff. Purple chick smile indeed is a great starter.

Alex said...

Thanks for the kudos. A lot of the stuff I post may already be on some other blogs, but you never know, there could be some surprises.