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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

American Spring

Hello everybody, I know this has recently been on a couple of blogs (Wanakey's and Linear Zap) but I think this is such a great boot that I'm posting it here. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Marilyn Wilson and Diane Rovell, also known as American Spring!
This is the album Spring-PLUS. Produced by Brian Wilson, David Sandler, and Steve Desper, this is the original out-of-print American Spring album plus some additional tracks which never originally made the album.

Get Spring Plus here:

1-Tennessee Waltz (Brian Wilson)
2-Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby (Brian Wilson/Mike Love)
3-Mama Said
6-Sweet Mountain
8-This Whole World (Brian Wilson)
9-Forever (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jacobson)
10-Good Time (Brian Wilson)
11-Now That Everything's Been Said
12-Down Home
13-Shyin' Away
14-Fallin' In Love (Dennis Wilson/Daryl Dragon)
15-Its' Like Heaven
16-Had To Phone Ya (Brian Wilson)

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